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सा विद्या या सेवा 
सा ज्ञानम् या अखण्डता 

The school motto literally translates to -

Knowledge is to Service, Wisdom is to Integrity”.

School Logo and Slogan [Motto] is a Registered Trade mark accepted and granted by Registrar of Trade Mark, Government of India.

The school logo consists of a Book, Weighing Scale, Tree and a Torch - each an ideology in itself forming the basis of our guiding principles:

  • The “Book” denotes the importance of education, knowledge and their strength.

  • The “Scale” emphasizes upon the essence of balance in our lives – weighing the choices we make against a logical rationale.

  • The “Tree” symbolizes selfless service and persistence.

  • The “Torch” represents the eternal light that guides us during tough times and how these ideals should always be burning within us, till eternity.


We believe that education is passing knowledge from one medium to another and the primary objective of achieving such knowledge is to spread it to others leading to the service of the society. Peace, equality, justice, quality of life, excellence and sustainable development can be only be realized if humans develop within themselves a motive to serve and only through the medium of education this motive can be emboldened amongst us all.


We believe that the development of the human mind through the attainment of wisdom leads towards integrity which, in turn, nurtures honesty, sincerity, unity and determination. The human race is the most distinct by the very virtue of integrity and the same should be cultivated, practised and expressed to one another.

If we can impart the idea of integrity to one another and to future generations, we can materialize the idea of an ideal society, free from social evil, as a primary source of evil among humans is the incapacity to communicate/express ourselves in the truest sense.

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