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"Excellence is to do a common thing in an uncommon way” - Booker T. Washington

As the Principal of Narayani Public School, an institution committed to transforming young minds into self-sufficient, disciplined, compassionate and responsible global citizens, I invite students, parents and teachers – all-important educationists in their own stead – to excel in whatever role they undertake.

When parents excel in providing proper nourishment and nurturing to their children, teachers excel in imbibing the thirst to learn in their students and the young excel in internalizing the values imparted, the vision and mission of Narayani Public School will be smoothly achieved.

I am honoured and privileged to be the Principal of a school with a noble ideal as its objective – balancing the values of integrity, fortitude and empathy – and intend to adopt these in everyday decision-making. I urge all concerned stakeholders to feel free to approach me to discuss relevant issues in order to achieve the school's vision and shall actively promote a work culture that converges these values.

Narayani Public School, under my leadership and the esteemed guidance of the Governing Body and Management, is committed to providing a nurturing, holistic and conducive environment to students, facilitating them to understand, internalize, utilize, implement and express their learnings and values in day-to-day facets of life in an excellent manner. I will personally ensure that our students are not merely literate and qualified, but educated in the truest sense of the word – ready and equipped to face the realities of life beyond school days.

Through participative, creative and hands-on methods of learning, every child shall be the focal point of an enjoyable journey, which I shall oversee at every stage, bearing responsibility for their needs, safety and perpetually ensuring improvement in standards and quality.

I keenly await embracing this journey of excellence and expect the parents and students to be equally enthused!

 - Ms. Tarannum Zahidi

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